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Graphene reinforced nanocomposites: 3D ...

posted by Nicholas Kamar E-mail, Michigan State University Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, 07.10.2014, 08:27

Full title:
Graphene reinforced nanocomposites: 3D simulation of damage and fracture

Gaoming Dai [1], Leon Mishnaevsky Jr. [1]
[1] Department of Wind Energy, Technical University of Denmark, Risoe Campus, Frederiksborgvej 300, 4000 Roskilde, Denmark

Publication source:
Computational Materials Science 95, 684-692 (2014)

DOI: 10.1016/j.commatsci.2014.08.011

Publisher's link to the original article:

Link to the open access resource:

Owner of the open access resource:
Leon Mishnaevsky

Nomination text:
Finite element (FE) analysis is used to study the incorporation of graphene into polymer composites. The effects of aspect ratio, cluser size, wrinkling in the sheets and ordering of the sheets in the polymer matrix on the mechanical performance of graphene nanocomposites is discussed. Debonding, crack deflection, crack pinning and crack pinning are toughening mechanisms observed for randomly oriented graphene sheets dispersed in polymer composites.

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