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Quantitative nanoparticle structures from UEC data

posted by Timofey Golubev, 07.10.2014, 00:07

This work demonstrates that ultrafast electron crystallography (UEC) can be used to study ensembles of gold nanoparticles. The data collected was of sufficient quality to be able to gain quantitative information about these structures, showing proof of concept. If a single nanoparticle could be isolated and an UEC experiment conducted, this would show that single nanoparticles can be studied using UEC which has many advantages over ultrafast x-ray diffraction techniques. It is interesting to note the similarities between this work and the "Ultrafast Three-Dimensional Imaging of Lattice Dynamics in Individual Gold Nanocrystals" paper at http://nano.pa.msu.edu/hn/forum/forum_entry.php?id=564.

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