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Superconductivity appearing from C-60 doped with rare-earth metals

posted by Zhongqi Jin E-mail, Michigan State University, 07.10.2013, 20:38

Full title:
Superconductivity appearing from C-60 doped with rare-earth metals

Misaho Akada[1], Toshinari Hirai[2], Junji Takeuchi[2], Takao Yamamoto[1], Ryotaro Kumashiro[1], Katsumi Tanigaki[1]
[1] Department of Physics, Graduate School of Science, Tohoku University and CREST-JST
[2] Department of Materials Science, Graduate School of Science, Osaka City University and CREST-JST

Publication source:
Science and Technology of Advanced Materials 7, S83 (2006)

DOI: 10.1016/j.stam.2006.02.015

Publisher's link to the original article:

Link to the open access resource:

Owner of the open access resource:
IOP Publishing(owner granted link permission on: 2006)

Nomination text:
The superconductivity is observed in rare-earth C-60 fullerides RExC60 (RE = Yb and Sm) and La-C-60 compounds. The true superconducting phase in Yb-C-60 fulleride resides in the t(1g) band. No superconductivity is observed in Sm-C-60 fullerides. The phase sequence between Yb-C-60 fullerides and Sm-C-60 ones as a function of the intercalant concentration is shown to be greatly different. It explain the loss of superconductivity in SmxC60. It also suggests that the true superconducting phase is most likely YbxC60 (x > 3) with the primitive cubic lattice.

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