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Guidelines of the Highlights in Nanotechnology

  1. Every registered scientist, active in the field of Nanotechnology, may nominate a publication, which he/she considers a Highlight in Nanotechnology.
  2. It is the responsibility of the nominating scientist to ensure that
    • at least one of the authors has given his/her consent to the posting in the Highlights in Nanotechnology;
    • an open-access, full text version of the publication is available online, with no time limitations;
    • the open-access, full text version does not violate any copyrights or other laws (see the statement below on the legal basis of open access publishing).
  3. Every registered scientist may contribute to the Discussion Forum.
  4. Contributions to the Discussion Forum must be formulated in a purely scientific style. The Publishers and Editors reserve the right to edit contributions.
  5. The Publishers and Editors reserve the right to exclude contributors, who violate the above policy and/or misuse the Highlights in Nanotechnology.

Legal Basis of Open Access Publishing:

Universities and funding agencies encourage researchers to grant open access to their published results (see, e.g., the CIC statement on Publishing Agreements). Most publishers allow authors to post pre- or post-prints; specific rules are listed at http://www.sherpa.ac.uk/romeo.php.


This Open Access project is currently moderated by David Tomanek at Michigan State University.
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